Day chemist

Day chemist is among not only the most famous and bustling holidays, but also has many traditions that each generation is not only preserves, but also multiplies. For example, each year the Day of the chemist is held under the symbol of a new element of the periodic table, and the very first festival was given the number 1 — hydrogen.

Chemist's Day — a holiday that combines both students and graduate students, and faculty, and alumni of all generations. This day is celebrated always bright and cheerful. Graduates of the chemical departments invariably demand in science and in industry, and in business.

That chemists women should be grateful for their active participation in the creation of unusual washing powders, the new series of cosmetics and tear pantyhose. It chemists men should be grateful for the creation of new varieties of motor oil with lemon scent, bringing into captivity not all women suffering from a head cold.

Interestingly, 31 January {unofficially celebrated holiday-128} another holiday {/ holiday}, related to the name of the great .

The Editorial Board of the "Event Calendar" sincerely congratulates all those involved Chemical business professionals with their professional holiday. We wish the new discoveries, the synthesis of unique materials and production of the necessary materials without destroying thus the natural balance.