Day of publishing, printing and book distribution in Ukraine

Day of publishing, printing and book distribution is celebrated every year in Ukraine the last Saturday in May according to the Decree of the President (№ 563/99, from 25.05.99 g).

First Ukrainian publishing house can be considered Cracow printing Shvaypolta Fiol, where in 1491 there were the first books printed in Cyrillic . Typography Fiola books published in Ukraine and neighboring countries, she began publishing books in the Cyrillic alphabet in the form that continued publishing in Ukraine.

The first printing press in Ukraine established in Lviv, Ivan Fedorovich Fedorov. It operated for years 1573-1575, and first published in the Ukrainian lands book was "The Apostle" (in 1574), which historically marked the beginning of the development of printing in Ukraine.
The first page of the "Apostol»
real masterpiece of art was printed Ostrog Bible, completed in 1581. Ostrog was also the first center in the Ukraine edition of the then journalism, which later researchers called "polemical literature».

One of the cells of printing in the Ukraine was the Caves. Founded in 1616 Kiev Lavra typography worked three centuries.

In printing the Cyrillic script, Ukraine worked and Latin-Polish: the first was in effect in the years 1592-1602 a small printing press in Lviv.

Total in Ukraine in 1574-1648 were 25 years of printing. The main centers of publishing activities were great trading cities — Kiev, Lvov, Ostrog. There were not only the frames artisans, scribes, editors, but also the possibility of a broader marketing. For large printing houses had their own bookstores. Engaged in the sale of books and printing workers, merchants and shopkeepers, who distributed the book, along with other commodities.

Was the Ukraine and the negative experience of the destruction of book publishing since 1720, when Peter I issued a decree forbade publishing in Ukrainian language.

Ukrainian book publishing at times a little warm, but did not die. Even during the difficult period between the first and second world wars in Galicia, there were about 50 Ukrainian publishing houses.

The Editorial Board of the "Calendar of events" congratulates professionals of all professions related to printed matter, with the holiday. We wish that the demand for good books is increasing every year, and make sure you are not running out a desire to print, publish and sell a good book.