World Day of the thyroid gland

date entered in the calendar in 2009, when the European thyroid Association (European Thyroid Association — the organization is examining issues related to the thyroid gland and its diseases) invited to celebrate May 25 World Day of the thyroid gland (World Thyroid Day). The initiative is supported by other similar medical community focus, working in Asia, North America and Latin America.

New world day in the calendar helps to carry out activities aimed at raising public awareness about the possible diseases of the thyroid gland and the methods of their prevention, as well as the promotion of modern methods of prevention and treatment of diseases of the body.

According to medical statistics, various malfunction of the thyroid gland affects up to one third of the world's population. Nodules detected in 30 percent of adults, goiter (an increase of cancer as a result of iodine deficiency) — 10-30 percent.

Meanwhile, most of the diseases of this important organ ("thyroid gland" secretes hormones involved in the regulation of metabolism and growth of cells) are currently considered treatable. As for diseases caused by iodine deficiency, then they may well be prevented — for example, with a program of universal salt iodization, which operates in many countries around the world.

World Day of thyroid health organizations hold special shares — conferences, forums, seminars, which discuss the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.