Day philologist

25 May — Day philologist. This date is near and dear to all those who in one way or another connected with philology — graduates and faculty of philology faculty, teachers of Russian language and literature, librarians, translators, and just fans of the native language and literature.

Philology — the area knowledge, studying and writing texts on the basis of their substantive, linguistic and stylistic analysis — the history and the essence of the spiritual culture of the society.

It is believed that philology originated in ancient India and Greece. In this context, classical philology philology called Greek, Latin and Sanskrit languages.

In the 17-18 centuries, philology has developed as a science that studies the ancient culture (language, literature, history, philosophy, art in their interrelatedness ).

With the differentiation of the individual sciences content of the concept of philology changed philology began to realize as a collection of sciences studying the culture of the people, expressed in the language and literary works.