European Day of Parks

European Day of Parks (The European Day of Parks) was established EUROPARC Federation (EUROPARK Federation) — European organization that combines protected areas in thirty-six European countries. Held for the first time in 1999, this day is now celebrated annually May 24 in all of Europe.

celebration date was chosen due to the fact that it was May 24, 1909 in Europe, created the first national parks — these were the nine national parks, based in Sweden. Since then, protected areas have become an invaluable part of the natural and cultural heritage of Europe.

This ecological festival was founded with the purpose of raising the profile of reserves in Europe, as well as to induce the public to support their work. Currently, the European Day of Parks symbolizes international solidarity in the protection of natural areas.

The event includes many activities in and around the reserve, the purpose of which is to draw attention to the natural beauty of Europe and its cultural heritage. At the forefront consistently put forward their defense, as in the present and in the future.