World Snow Day ( International Day of Winter sports)

In 2012, the world has another good tradition. Since the winter of 2012, in the penultimate Sunday in January by the International Ski Federation (FIS) celebrated a new holiday — the World Snow Day (World Snow Day). Another of his name — the International Day of winter sports.

purpose of the holiday — to raise interest in winter sports and involve young people in active life. According to the plan FIS, this day should be held "snow festivals," during which children and adults will be able to compete on skates, skis or snowboards. How to conceive the organizers, "This day will give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the snow, get to know someone and dive into the bright future of winter sports to be perceived not only as a competition, but as entertainment."

— Today's children often look to the future with pessimism, and we hope that through this event, we will be able to show them and their families how much fun they can get through the snow, while maintaining a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly lifestyle — said the president of the International Ski Federation Gian-Franco Kasper.

The organization of this festival was the second step in the implementation of the program FIS ¬ęderive children on snow." Date of the Day, Snow selected randomly at the end of January, when the Christmas season comes to an end and New Year holidays, it is important to draw attention to the ski resorts.

During the first year of the festival took part in it more than 20 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Poland, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and others , the second year of their readiness to support the international festival expressed about 40 states. What is interesting, including not only the traditional "ski" countries (Switzerland, Finland and Norway), but also less well-known in this sense, Hungary, Japan, Estonia and even Pakistan.

In Russia, the first International Day of snow was observed only in a few regions. He was joined by such well-known ski resorts in the country as "Beaver Log" (Krasnoyarsk), "Invision Power Board" (near Magnitogorsk), "Rose Farm" (Sochi) and others. Feast noted folk festivals, sporting events, winter carnivals, playing in the snow and skiing.

By the way, on this day in 2012, residents of Magnitogorsk tried to get into the Guinness Book of Records, roll up the world's largest snowball.