Day of the personnel

kadrovika Day is celebrated in Russia in 2005 on the initiative of the All-Russia HR Congress. This professional holiday has not yet received official status in Russia, despite the fact that the army of highly qualified personnel departments is significant.

Date May 24 was chosen due to the the fact that on this day in 1835 in Czarist Russia issued a decree "On the relation between the owners of establishments and factory workers people coming to discharge the same for hire." This ruling is the first document that governs the relationship of the employer and employee in our country. A logical date as the beginning of the formation of relations between employers and employees in this country.

In all, even the smallest companies have an employee in charge of working with the staff, and in large structures engaged in this whole departments numbering tens, and sometimes more, man.

Today we heartily congratulate all Russian human resources practitioners on the Day of the personnel.