World Turtle Day

Today, 23 May, the world is World Turtle Day (World Turtle Day) — an animal that symbolizes wisdom, wealth and longevity. Unusual holiday originated in 2000 on the initiative of the American Society of rescue turtles (American Tortoise Rescue). This organization was founded by volunteers in 1990 in Malibu (California, USA) to maintain the population of turtles living in the vicinity of the city.

The purpose of the holiday was to draw public attention to the death of large numbers of turtles because of the proximity to people. On this day in all the habitats of turtles shares held, during which volunteers rescued animals, making their transition to a busy highway in the field of migration or other dangerous places. Also, the protesters sought to sea coasts, where sea turtles lay their eggs, the status of legally protected areas.

In recent years, the turtle's Day is celebrated not only in those parts of the world where these animals are found, but in many other countries. On this day, people try to eliminate from your diet dishes turtles, and of goods — household items made from their carapace (combs, boxes, etc.).

The very celebration includes masquerades in turtle costumes with hilarious scenes from the life of animals, dancing turtles and mailing postcards fun with their image. Enough to include fantasy, and you too will be able to support this wonderful tradition.