Birthday of Robert Lee

19 January in America to celebrate the birthday of the outstanding military leader Robert Edward Lee (Robert Edward Lee, 19 January 1807 — 1870). In the states of Alabama and Mississippi, this date is celebrated in the third Monday in January.

Robert Lee — one of the most famous American generals, the commander of the army of Confederate Southerners in the Civil War of 1861-1865. Thanks to the talents of General, South, which had no industrial base and, consequently, the ability to fully supply the army, was able to put a number of Northerners sensitive lesions.

Once, as a professor of the Military Academy in West Point, Gen. taught military science of their future opponents — Grant, Sherman, and other military commanders northerners. And although the final victory in the war won northerners, but the winning party still belonged to Robert Lee with sincere respect and reverence underlined.

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