A day of national mourning in South Ossetia

20 May in South Ossetia is a tragic date — the day of national mourning. On this day all over the ceremonies held to commemorate the victims of the tragedy Zar. Take part in it and the leadership of the republic, and the families of the victims and the public.

On this day in May 1992 on the bypass road near the Ossetian village of Zar Georgian armed forces had been committed inhuman crime. Ambush had been shot at close range several cars with the refugees on their way from South to North Ossetia. As a result of this barbaric action killed 36 people — mostly children, women and old people. Age of those killed ranged from 7 to 70 years old.

On this day throughout the country lower a little national flags. In the temples of the Alan Diocese serve a memorial service for innocent victims. May 20 for North and South Ossetia forever remain a day of sadness and mourning for those killed innocent civilians.