The national holiday of the Republic of Cameroon

20 May — a very important date for Cameroonians, it is a national holiday of unity and patriotism.

By 1966, many of the management prerogatives moved to the central government of Cameroon. As a result of the merger of two leading political parties (COP ONDP) and four minor formed a new political party — the Cameroon National Union (KNU).

In 1972, the state has been transformed into a unitary republic called the United Republic of Cameroon. Following this, the institutions of power have been eliminated in each of the former parts of the country and abolished the post of vice-president. The country became a unified state.

Today is National Day of the Republic of Cameroon hosts a variety of activities that include educational, informational sessions on Cameroon, basketball and football tournaments, dinners, evening meetings, dance competitions, exhibitions and fashion more.