Day of bankers of Ukraine

annually 20 May in the Ukraine celebrates the Day of bank employees.

This professional holiday was established by Presidential Decree number 316/04 dated March 6 in 2004. The government is keen to stress the important role of the banking system and the significant contribution of bank workers in the economy of Ukraine and to ensure its financial stability.

In March 1991, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law "On banks and banking activity", after the adoption of This document was created banking system of Ukraine. Subsequently, the presidential decree number 762/96 of Leonid Kuchma's on August 25 in 1996 "On the monetary reform in Ukraine", the country introduced the national currency — the hryvnia.

In the banking system of Ukraine is the National Bank of Ukraine, which is the central bank and the government has adopted a common monetary policy, and the banks of various types and forms of ownership. Ensuring the stability of the national currency is one of the important tasks of Ukrainian banks.

Thus, during the years 1269 {holiday-independence} {/ holiday} in Ukraine built a modern monetary system, introduced a national currency unit ensure its stability. The National Bank of Ukraine has set up an electronic system of payments between banking institutions and business entities, the Treasury, and other agencies, organizations and businesses that provide the full functionality of the country's banks.