World Metrology Day

World Metrology Day (World Metrology Day) is celebrated annually 20 May. Day chosen to commemorate the signing of the May 20, 1875 in Paris, at an international diplomatic conference, the famous "Metre ConventionĀ» (Metre Convention), on the basis of which an intergovernmental international organization of weights and measures.

In 1875 Convention was signed by 17 countries, including Russia and was. It is noteworthy that one of the founders of the International Organization of weights and measures made the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. In 1921, the Metre Convention was amended and now it has about 50 member states.

On the basis of the Metre Convention was created the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (International Bureau of Weights and Measures, BIPM) — the first international research laboratory — and establish a framework for global cooperation and interaction measurement science, and as a result, the applications of these sciences in industry, commerce and public life.

The International Bureau of Weights and Measures, which is located in France (Sevres), kept the standards of the International System of units — meter, kilogram, a unit of ionizing studies, electrical resistance. In addition, scientists and metrologists conducted various metrological studies shall be verified accuracy. Currently retained the original purpose of the Metre Convention — the unity of measurements in all countries that have signed the Convention.

Known that metrology originated in ancient times and is translated as "the science of measurement." Metrology permeates all sciences and disciplines dealing with the measurements, and it is common for them to science. Basic concepts, which operates metrology — is the measurement, measurement, metrology, measuring techniques.