Youth and Sports Day in Turkey

Day of Youth and Sports (Genclik Bayrami) in Turkey is a national holiday. Unlike some other secular patriotic events, this is a popular celebration is celebrated on a grand scale.

As in all institutions and enterprises declared a day off, all working to chance to visit their relatives in other cities, all with great pleasure and do. So the political party becomes a day of family and friends.

Interestingly, a significant date originally had nothing to do either with the youth, or the sport. May 19 in 1919 the first President of the Republic of Turkey in the Black Sea port of Samsun announced mobilization against foreign intervention. At the time, Turkey was at war with Greece. The basis of the national movement for independence were young people. Thus, the future of the nascent republic, was given into the hands of young people, which is intended to make Ataturk essential element of the new state.

On the eve of the Day of Youth and Sports of the streets and houses are decorated with flags and portraits of Kemal Ataturk. In large cities, gardeners divide beds, where you can see the symbolic pictures of flowers. Parks Youth preparing to take a lot of visitors.

In Istanbul holiday begins with the official ceremonies, including the mandatory laying of wreaths at the monument to the Republic, a colorful parade and a number of sporting events. In the evening in Taksim Square, in Central Park concert is held in which the act of Turkish pop star and invited foreign artists. In the city of Samsun many spectators gathers traditional air show.

Many educational institutions are preparing their holiday program, which includes a review of the initiative, relay races, contests, culinary and design skills, as well as organize conferences and seminars on topical issues and the problems of the youth.

In recent years the Government of the Republic of Turkey is positioning Day of Youth and Sports as an international holiday and invited to participate in the celebrations of students from other countries.