Ukrainian Day of workers of culture and lovers of folk art

Culture — a space,
which takes human life
from birth to death.
MV Popovich

modern Ukrainian culture —
this is a very lazy space.
Anatoly Ulyanov

On the third Sunday of May is celebrated in Ukraine Ukrainian Day of workers of culture and lovers of folk art (Vseukraїnsky pratsіvnikіv day of culture that amatorіv national Mistetstvo). Initially, this day was established in March 2000 Presidential Decree number 484/2000 and celebrated 23 March. In 2011, Presidential Decree holiday was moved to Sunday in May.

Ukrainian Day of workers of culture and lovers of folk art was established to celebrate the important contribution of cultural workers and fans of the revival of the Ukrainian national culture, the development of national creativity, active cultural and educational activities.

Researchers believe that the progenitor of Ukrainian culture can be considered a culture of Indo-European ancestors of the Slavs, Slavic cultural sources, the culture of Kievan Rus — the pre-Christian and Christian. But above all, the Ukrainian culture and identity features pristine purity.

There is no doubt that the cultural development of peoples is in the process of continuous interaction. In this regard, it is believed that the more different influences accumulates the culture of the people, especially the people of this culture is.

Ukrainian culture its rightful place in world culture. It developed in the relations between the cultures of East and West, in the Polish-Lithuanian state, ukrainofobskom "bosom" Tsarist Russia. This resulted, on the one hand, the system of education and learning, built on the western samples, on the other — lowering the status of the Ukrainian language in the "folksy" and, at the same time, the formation of Novoukrainskaya literature written just this vernacular.

And this must be understood not as a paradox of history, but as a pattern of inner strength Ukrainian culture, which has had a significant impact on the construction of imperial culture, its defining industries such as literature, science, art and music.

At the same time, one can not understate the influence of Russian culture in Ukrainian. Ukrainian culture imbued with national and Cossack unconquered spirit of freedom and liberty. We can not ignore the phenomenon of "socialist culture" as Ukraine in this period, in spite of all the losses, took a giant leap in education, culture, science and technology.

After Ukraine gained independence, there are new priorities, not only in politics but also in the culture. Representation of the state in this industry and its cultural development was to engage the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, which was established. Now reorganized into the Ministry of Culture Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, redefined its tasks and responsibilities.

In the modern Ukrainian society where cultural values ??and interests, unfortunately, often are not in first place, it is important to select and approve high moral principles, based on thousands of years of spiritual and cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people, not to find themselves on the margins of cultural progress.