Rescuer Day of Belarus

The Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus ? 157 from March 26 1998 "On public holidays, public holidays and anniversaries in the Republic of Belarus" states that "in recognition of individual employees professions, industries, farms and fields of activity ...ยป January 19 The day of the rescue.

Belarusian Rescue today — it's about a thousand combat troops, which is in service with more than 6,000 units.

Today, the structure of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus set up and operate 17 special services, including fire service and rescue, chemical and radiation safety, engineering, diving, medical, blasting-technical, aviation, search and rescue , paratrooper, pontoon, Canine and others.

At present, there is formed a complete system of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations, consisting of 21 branch and 7 territorial subsystems.

Whatever was no reliable technology, the human factor plays a significant role. Accordingly, the efficiency of rescue is largely dependent on their professionalism. Training for agencies and departments of Emergency Situations in Belarus carried out 2 universities MOE.

Further training and re-training of Belarusian and foreign rescuers Institute also provides training and professional development of MES (Training Institute).