International Museum Day

annually 18 May museum professionals around the world mark their professional holiday. And, of course, those of us who are looking forward to another trip to the museum of the city or meeting with rare exhibits of the Hermitage or the Louvre, is also involved in today's holiday.

International Museum Day (International Museum Day) appeared in the calendar in 1977, when at the next meeting of the International Council of Museums (International Council of Museums, ICOM) adopted a proposal on the establishment of a Russian organization of this cultural celebration. Since 1978, International Museum Day was celebrated in more than 150 countries.

By definition, ICOM, museums are institutions at the service of society and its development.

According to Jacques Perot, a former president of ICOM, «museums should take place in the heart of society and be open to the public. The development of our institutions depends to a large extent on public assistance, and we should offer her the opportunity to support our goals and take part in our work. Thus, it is necessary to museums and society work together in a spirit of creativity and innovation. "

The National Gallery, London (Photo: jan kranendonk, Shutterstock) It is believed that through the museum society expresses its relation to historical and cultural heritage, and it's hard to disagree. Collecting and preserving monuments of material and spiritual culture, the museums are great scientific-educational and educational-upbringing work.

In 2009, the theme of International Museum Day has been defined words — Museums and Tourism. In 2010, the theme of the day was the word — Museums for social harmony, in 2011 — Museums and Memory.

In 2012, International Museum Day will celebrate its 35th anniversary, and the theme of the Day this year — Museums in a Changing world. New challenges, new inspiration.