Norwegian Constitution Day

National Day of Norway — is the anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution May 17. On this day in 1814 by the National Assembly at Eidsvoll Constitution was signed that established the freedom and independence of Norway.

More than 400 years, Norway has remained a Danish province, and now entered into a union with Sweden, which lasted until 1905. Was established hereditary limited monarchy where the king exercises power through the Government and the Parliament disposes of treasury and establishes laws. The Norwegian constitution was one of the most advanced in Europe.

National Day of Norway — this is truly a national celebration. Houses, boats and cars are decorated with national flags and people — old and young — in folk costumes take to the streets, arrange festive parades and concerts, sing songs. The spectacle of a very colorful and exciting. In this case, on the streets is quite unknown Police (where she was hiding, it is not clear), because the local citizens, even while drunk, riots are not satisfied.

pupils, students, members of many unions, clubs, study groups, young and old, are the festive string through the city. In Oslo, from the balcony of the Royal Palace of protesters welcomed the royal family.

This national holiday is celebrated in the country as a joyous spring day, the main participants are children. Many of the children's faces are painted in three colors like a flag of Norway. And the faces of young and old colored in smiles.