World Telecommunication and Information Society

27 March in 2006, the General Assembly adopted a resolution which declared May 17 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (World Telecommunication and Information Society Day).

This Day — a celebration of all professional programmers, system administrators, internet service providers, web designers, editors, online media and all the other people working in the field of information technology.

Information technology significantly changed the face of civilization. They produced an explosion in the global economy, resulting in dramatically increased the number and quality of products. The value of computer science, human activity associated with the processes of transformation of information using computers and other computer equipment, much broader. It provides an incredible humanity first luxury: the main wealth of information and knowledge are, unforeseen opportunities of self-education.

Until 2006, this day was celebrated as the International Telecommunication Day or Day of Republic (World Telecommunication Day). This feast was celebrated in 1969 by the decision of the Governing Council of the International Telecommunication Union.

Date chosen due to the fact that the May 17, 1865, after two and a half months of difficult negotiations, was signed in Paris the first international Telegraph Agreement, and founded the International Telegraph Union in 1932 — the International Telecommunication Union.