The festival «Jazz Rally» Dusseldorf

festival «Jazz Rally» Dusseldorf — it's 80 concerts 30 stages, 500 bands and artists who make a three-day peaceful Rhine metropolis in the city of music. The festival takes place since 1993: each time on different days in late May — June.

«Jazz Rally» stands out among the other music festivals that take place in European cities every summer, with its scale. The organizer of the festival — the company «Destination Duesseldorf» — says that the holiday music in recent years, visits to 250 million viewers. To Dusseldorf, the entire population of no more than 600,000 people, is a very serious figure.

At the river port has several venues of the festival (Photo: interlight, Shutterstock) Of course, no concert venue can not accommodate so many lovers of good music, so the performances of creative groups are separated by 30 scenes located in different areas of the city. For example, there are four sites in Dusseldorf Airport, four — in the river port, and the rest are within the Altstadt — the historical heart of the city.

For the most part, from one scene to another can be easily reached on foot. In addition, each guest who purchased a universal admission to the concerts (the so-called "jazz-button") may, within three days of free travel around the city by means of public transport, except taxis. By the way, the cost of "jazz-button" is quite small — in the range of 25-30 euros.