Day of St. Theodosius of the Caves

Saint Theodosius Pechersky, founder coenobitic monastery rules and the founder of monasticism in Russian soil, was born in Vasilev, near Kiev. From a young age he found irresistible attraction to the ascetic life, leading an ascetic life even in the family home. He did not like children's games and hobbies, ever went to church. Sam begged his parents to send him to teach reading holy books, with different abilities and rare zeal, quickly learned to read books, so that they were all amazed mind the child.

Saint Theodosius worked in the monastery more than others, and often took on the part of the works of the brethren: he carried water, chopped wood, and grind rye flour attributed to each monk. In hot night, he bared his body and gave him to eat mosquitoes and blackflies, the blood flowing through it, but holy patiently doing crafts and singing psalms. In the temple he was the first of the other, and standing on the spot, did not go with him to the end of the service, reading listened with attention.

In 1054 Theodosius was ordained to the priesthood, and in 1057 he was elected abbot. The fame of his exploits attracted a number of monks in the monastery, where he built a new church and his cell and brought Studion coenobitic charter, written-off, on his behalf, in Constantinople. In the dignity of Abbot Theodosius continued to perform the most difficult obedience to the monastery. Holy usually ate only dry bread and boiled greens without oil. Nights passed without sleep in his prayer that many times noticed brethren, although the chosen of God, and tried to conceal his feat from others.

Once Theodosius was returning from the Grand Duke Izjaslava. The driver, who did not know him yet, he said roughly, "You, a monk, always idle, and I'm constantly in the works. Go to my place, and I was allowed into the chariot. " Holy man meekly obeyed and took a servant. Seeing as the monk bowed, stepping off the horses, competing nobles, the servant was frightened, but holy ascetic reassured him and, on arrival, fed in the monastery. Relying on the help of God, the Reverend did not keep large stocks for the monastery, so the brothers sometimes endured need for daily bread. In his prayer, however, unknown benefactors and brought to the monastery necessary for the brethren.

great princes, especially Izjaslav, loved to enjoy the spiritual conversation of St. Theodosius. Holy was not afraid to expose the powerful. Wrongfully convicted have always found in him a defender, but the judge reconsidered the case at the request of the abbot revered by all. Particularly concerned about the poor Monk: built for them in the monastery a special court where anyone in need can get food and shelter. Preduvedav advance his own end, Theodosius peacefully went to the Lord in 1074. He was buried in a cave dug them, which retreated during Lent.