Day biographers

To paraphrase the famous words, today we can say that if a biography who writes something, it means that someone is reading them. And today is the day that is to re-read the biography of your favorite writer, artist or a long time to get acquainted with the biography of your person. And maybe there is time to recall the details of their lives and begin to compose an autobiography.

Why today? Because 16 May Day is celebrated biographer (Biographers Day). Today, knowledgeable and inquisitive people celebrate the anniversary of the first meeting of Samuel Johnson (Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784) with his biographer James Boswell (James Boswell, 1740-1795). Men met in a bookshop in London in 1763, and the outcome of the meeting and the relations existing between them was published in 1791, two-volume "The Life of Samuel Johnson┬╗.

As you know, the Englishman Samuel Johnson, or Dr. Johnson , as it is often called, was a prominent critic, lexicographer and poet of the second half of the 18th century. The most famous of his works was the "Dictionary of the English Language┬╗ (Dictionary of the English Language), on which Johnson worked 9 years.

Scotsman James Boswell, writer and memoirist, after a meeting with Johnson was honored for many years to record conversations Johnson, his incredibly witty remarks and criticisms. "The Life of Samuel Johnson," is considered by many literary critics, was the greatest biography in the English language, a popular and widely read to this day.

The word biography comes from two Greek words — life and writing. In other words, the biography of the man known as the biography created by another person or a few people. In most cases, biography becomes the first source of information that we want to get a person. It is thanks to the tireless and meticulous work of biographers have survived even the most seemingly insignificant details about the lives of great people of a particular era, the manners and customs of the era.

One of the earliest biographers can be called the Greek philosopher Plutarch. It is well known the name of the original publisher and biographer — Annenkov, the name of the biographer — P. Biryukov. Unfortunately, the names of many prominent biographers forgotten, but left their life stories will always be a valuable literary heritage of any country and inexhaustible material for research.