International Day of Families

International Day of Families (International Day of Families), celebrated Today, established by the General Assembly in 1993. The establishment of this day aims to raise public awareness of the many problems of the family. According to the UN Secretary-General, when violated the basic rights of one family — the unity of the whole human family to which they belong, is under threat.

As one of the major institutions of society, the first stage of human socialization, the family evolves and mutates with the outside world, in his own response to the demands of the time, responding to community needs and creating their own.

The family as the basic unit of society, was and is the guardian of human values, culture and historical continuity of generations, a factor of stability and development. Thanks to the family is growing and evolving state, increasing the well-being of the people.

At all times the country's development was judged by the position of the family in society and in relation to her state.

With the family's life begins, here is the formation of it as a citizen. The family — a source of love, respect, solidarity and affection, it is based on what any civilized society, without which there can not be a man. The well-being of the family — that's a measure of the development and progress of the country.