Day Freelancer

annually 14 May in Russia marks Day freelancer. On this day in 2005, was founded one of the first Russian exchanges freelancers. Every year, on the initiative of the company organized the celebrations, which are open to all freelancers, designers, programmers, managers, optimizers, copywriters, all those who work outside the walls and creates a specific office.

Freelancer (freelancer — free Spearman, a free shooter) — a man consists not in the state of a company, he chooses his own customers and establishes a timetable. Although Russia and the CIS countries, this phenomenon is not very common, however, with every increasing number of freelancers. Undoubtedly, this contributes to the availability of the Internet.

If a few years ago money on the Internet considered something frivolous — thing to do for teenagers who want to get a bit of pocket money, now adults — professionals — proudly say that freelancing — it's a lifestyle! Many journalists, programmers, designers, translators and other professionals work and earn, without leaving the house.

Day freelancer — this is the date that helps to unite those who earn online. Undoubtedly, such events need. To date, the relationship between freelancers rather poorly maintained. The reason for this small number of seminars, meetings and other activities that would help to find freelancers interesting new acquaintances from the same background.

But recently developed this style of work as a coworking (from the English. Coworking) — Timeshares office, which allows you to use office equipment, communications, and exchange ideas, and share the orders.