Day of the Black Sea Fleet

Day of the Black Sea Fleet — an annual holiday celebrated on May 13 in honor of the Black Sea Fleet. The day was founded in 1996.

April 8 1783 {event-was 504} issued a manifesto {/ event} Empress in 1578 Catherine II on the annexation of the Crimea to Russia.

And soon after the annexation of Crimea to Russia Catherine II signed a decree on the basis of the Black Sea Fleet. May 13, 1783 in Akhtiar Bay, located in the southwestern part of the Crimean peninsula of the Black Sea, consists of 11 ships under the command of the Azov flotilla participant Chesmensky battle Vice-Admiral FA Klokacheva. Later they were joined by 17 ships of the Dnieper flotilla, these first 28 combat ships and became the nucleus of the nascent fleet.

First State's Black Sea Fleet was approved in 1785. At 13 and a half thousand personnel had 12 battleships, 20 frigates, schooners, 5, 23 transport ships. Fleet management exercised Black Sea Admiralty, established in Kherson.

21 February in 1784 by decree of Catherine II the city Akhtiar was named Sevastopol. Translated from the Greek word "Sebastopol" means "majestic┬╗.

Soon the city and the port of Sevastopol became the main base of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea. The history of the Navy praised the outstanding Russian naval commanders: , Mikhail Lazarev, , Vladimir Istomin, .