International Nurses Day

annually 12 May is International Nurses Day (International Nurses Day). In other words, today we need to congratulate and thank the representatives of one of the most humane profession.

Professional Nurses holiday is celebrated on the birthday of one of the famous British women, (Florence Nightingale ), which during the Crimean War (1853-1856) organized the world's first service of nurses.

It is known that among the nurses who went to the front of the Crimean War, there were Russian monahiini of St. Nicholas Monastery in Moscow. Subsequently worked in hospitals, many Russian women aristocrats, including the wife and daughter of Emperor .

It was during the war years, has formed a stereotype: a nurse — is a nurse, which makes the wounded from the battlefield or standing at the operating table.

Although the actual holiday is over a hundred and fifty years, until January 1974 was made an official decision to celebrate this day, May 12. Medical Nurse Day is celebrated since the merger of nurses from 141 countries to the professional public organization — the International Council of Nurses (International Council of Nurses).

Festival is celebrated in Russia since 1993.