Day Environmental Education

12 May Russia and the former CIS celebrate environmental education. The holiday, which aims — actualization of environmental knowledge in all sciences and all spheres of human activity, was established in 1991.

On this day in cities and towns held various environmental actions that are both educational and practical: exhibitions, conferences and competitions for children's art on the theme of conservation, people participate in environmental activities — cleaning rivers and reservoirs, cleaning parks, planting areas. This festival is for everyone who is involved in promoting the idea of ??nature protection.

The importance of environmental education is difficult to overestimate. It ecological knowledge allow a person to realize what catastrophic events may cause harmful habits of nature, understanding how to prevent such effects. The highest goal of environmental education — to form the so-called ecological culture.

First environmental concerns, which leads to the appearance of the development of scientific and technological progress in the world, representatives of the international community expressed in 1972 — at the International Conference of the United Nations Environment Environment in Stockholm. After 20 years, in June 1992, in Rio de Janeiro has a second conference, which including raised the question of the need to spread environmental education.

Heads of most countries, including the and Russia, adopted and approved the Program of Action for the implementation of the concept of sustainable development in which environmental education has an important role to play.

To date, the Russian environmental education is a priority. Understanding the system of universal comprehensive environmental education starts with preschool and continuing through high school to post-graduate training and retraining of specialists environmental sphere.

In addition, environmental knowledge to communicate to the public through the media, as well as through a variety of projects that implement the museums, libraries, environmental agencies, sports and tourism organizations.

At the legislative level, the issue of environmental education is reflected in Article 42 of the Constitution, according to which every citizen is guaranteed the right to a healthy environment and trustworthy information about her condition.