World Migratory Bird Day

On the second Saturday and Sunday of May is World Migratory Bird Day (World Migratory Bird Day). Historical prerequisites for the establishment of this day was the International Convention for the Protection of Birds, signed in 1906. Russia joined the Convention in 1927.

Today, World Migratory Bird Day — a global campaign that aims to increase knowledge about migratory birds, their habitats and ways of transportation. Numerous Day events call to save the habitat of migratory birds around the world.

Through the activities of migratory birds maintained the balance of the ecosystem as a whole (Photo: Terrance Emerson, Shutterstock) World Migratory Bird Day is held under the auspices of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) and the African-Asian agreement on migratory birds (AEWA). As you know, both of these international agreements are part of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). The motto of the Day of the "Migratory birds and people — together through time" tends to emphasize the inextricable link between people and birds.

As you know, the man from time immemorial admired by migratory birds. The man watched the birds at all times of the year, recorded the changes in their environment, trying to find the birds use in their business activities. Evidence of this are the numerous legends, stories, records, found in almost all populated parts of the world.

Egyptian mythology, depicting gods and the elements of birds, Nazca monuments found in Peru, confirm the strong influence of migratory birds on the ancient civilization. And nowadays there are communities that are dependent on migratory birds as a means of livelihood. Bird migration as a phenomenon, is also a key indicator of biodiversity, ecosystem health, climate change. Through the activities of migratory birds maintained the balance of the ecosystem as a whole — for example, some plants are pollinated by just migrating birds.