World Fair Trade Day

World Fair Trade Day (World Fair Trade Day) every year celebrated on the second Saturday in May, and the month of May is considered to be a fair trade.

This Day, conducted by the World Fair Trade Organization (World Fair Trade Organization), allows approximately 350 teams of producers and fair trade organizations from 70 countries announce their participation in the trade fair.

Fair trade — this is a public movement to defend the international standards and public policy for signed and unsigned items. The focus is on goods exported from developing countries to developed countries.

Commodities Fair trade can be such foods as tea, coffee, cocoa, bananas, and handicraft items and clothing. The main thing — that they were produced without the use of slave and child labor.

For example, the words: Fair trade Ecology chosen theme for World Fair Trade Day in 2009, calling for manufacturers to produce environmentally-friendly and safe products.

In 2001, the theme was chosen words: TRADE FOR PEOPLE — Fair Trade your world (Trade for People: fair trade — your world.)