Feast of St. Antonio

17 January Italians celebrate St. Anthony the Abbot (Festa di Sant 'Antonio Abate). This day is celebrated all over Italy, but especially colorful and wide celebration held in the southern and central Italy.

St. Antonio (St. Antonio) famously became one of the first who tried out the ascetic life in the desert being completely cut off from civilization. Therefore, it is rightly considered the founder of monasticism, a new spiritual movement of the time.

Anthony was born about the middle of the 3rd century near Gerakleopolya in Upper Egypt. He was the son of wealthy parents at the age of twenty years, was left an orphan. Anthony gave all his wealth to the poor and needy, and devoted himself exclusively to religious pursuits.

among Christians was widespread austerity, abstinence, fasting and prayer. They performed the rituals with their families and did not leave the house. Antony became famous for being the first hermit, who tried to live in the desert in harsh conditions. He went to a place called Nitra, which was located approximately 95 miles from Alexandria, and was considered one of the most inhospitable places in the western desert. There Antonio overcame temptation, temptations, which were replaced by visions and terrifying rumble. But he bravely withstood all the trials through prayer and faith in God.

Antonio then found a home in one of the tombs, not far from his home village, where he lived behind a locked door, supported by some of the locals, who brought him food. After a while it became quite exhausted, worn out and exhausted, then friends from the nearest village carried him to the church.

Temptation of St. AntonioPosle recovery Antonio made another attempt and returned to the desert. Later, he decided to completely rid yourself of human society, and remained in absolute solitude. He crossed the Nile and on the mountain near the east coast of Pispir (now Der el Memum) found an old Roman fortress, which had locked himself and lived in it for twenty years.

Once Antonio came out of the fortress. Many expected to see him exhausted and devoid of reason, but he appeared healthy, peaceful and enlightened. Everyone was amazed by what he has gone through all these tests and left spiritually slnym.

Double Antonio came to Alexandria: the first time to support the Christian martyrs who were persecuted in the year 311, and the second time — towards the end of his life to preach against the Arians.

Life Antonio completed the age of about 105 years. When Antonio felt the approach of his death, he ordered two of his disciples to bury his body in an inconspicuous spot to from his person did not object of worship.