Day nursery inventions

first question. Did you know that combines water skiing, fur headphones, ice lolly and braille? Yes, all these things are obvious today were invented by children.

Every year more than 500,000 children and teenagers invent a variety of gadgets and games, create and modify robots and technology. All children's invention, of course, make our life more convenient and interesting. And today is the day in which to rejoice ingenuity of young geniuses, to evaluate the significance of their numerous inventions and encourage children's versatile talents.

Today the world celebrates the Day of children's inventions, or otherwise transfer, children's day- Inventors (Kid Inventors' Day). Symbolically, the date of the Day selected the birthday of one of the greatest Americans — a statesman, diplomat, scientist, inventor, journalist (Benjamin Franklin). It is remarkable that his first invention — a pair of flippers for swimming, which are worn on the hands — Ben Franklin invented the age of 12.

Later Benjamin Franklin continued research and, after many experiments, made an invaluable contribution to world science. Some of the conclusions of the scientist for many decades ahead of the era. Franklin introduced the designation of electrically charged states, "" and "