Day operative officer of the correctional system

Today is the feast of its employees operating units of the penal system (MIS). Its history, this structure is from 1925, when the backroom of the Joint State Political Administration was entrusted to the secret-operative work in political prisons. However, the official date of the establishment of operational units MIS is May 8 in 1935.

Currently, as part of the Federal Penitentiary Service operates independent division — Operational management. It provides personal safety of inmates and prison staff, as well as responsible for the investigation and prevention of crime in the penal institutions. MIS operatives are also involved in tracing the perpetrators escape or evade punishment.

As the leadership of the Federal Penitentiary Service, in reforming the penal system within the concept of its development until 2020, a special role belongs to the operational units that operate in harsh environments and perform complicated tasks associated with maintenance of law and order in prisons.