Tsinminfen south- east wind. early Summer

south-east direction given to God 4 seasons. The first day of this trend affects the country's talented people, artists. It is believed that this area brings the energy of life and creative inspiration, promotes the birth of children and attracts wealth to the family.

Southeast wind — hot and mild in moisture and dryness. He manages all the winds blew the earth. It is a powerful developmental creative energy. Helps to disclose the true nature of things, the growth of all things. He is full of energy and the body develops. Fever, declining to amorous impulses, sexuality, pleasure. Full southeast wind damages to crops, bring the epidemic and disease. Empty, it is called Weakening, its energy causes a feeling of heaviness in the body.

People born in the days of the south-east direction, independent and active. Their strong energy pouring in tumultuous and volitional action. They are temperamental, cutting and contrasts in their behavior. They are trying to change the world, to influence others, rework all their own way. Such people are ambitious, striving for high personal achievement, but their passion is easy to take precedence over common sense. They have a lot of competition and freedom. They are talented, have any special abilities.

Tsinminfen period ends on June 22.