Teacher's Day in Thailand

In 1956, at the suggestion of the Prime Minister of Thailand, Field Marshal Pibulsongkrama (Field Marshal P. Pibulsongkram), while at the same time being the honorary chairman of the Board of Directors of the Teachers 'Committee was established by the professional holiday of workers of education — Teacher's Day (Teachers' Day).

Addressing welcome to all teachers in Thailand , Pibulsongkram said that the teachers for all without exception — people carrying the light in our lives. They should have a holiday, in which students can congratulate their teachers and express gratitude.

The Minister also said that during the celebration of the European New Year and during the festival Songkran — Thai New Year — all Thais thank the parents and relatives of the living and the departed, praising their names and pray for their souls. Teachers occupy in the life of every person following after the parents place — not less important and honorable.

Thus, November 21 in 1956 the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution on the celebration in Country Teacher's Day every year 16 January. For the first time this professional holiday was marked by January 16, 1957.

And since then, this day is celebrated by all those involved in the field of education. Teacher's Day — a truly national, the favorite and very emotional holiday. On this day, students are presented with their mentors flowers and gifts, arrange for their holidays merry and sing songs of praise.

In this day and held a religious ceremony designed to celebrate teachers and their noble work.