Labor Day in Australia

Despite its name, on Labor Day in Australia no one work — it is an official holiday.

Labor Day — an annual international festival, which is celebrated in almost all countries, and signs (however pathetic it may sound these days) the economic and social achievements of workers in the struggle for their rights. In particular, for an eight-hour working day. By the way, in Australia, 8 Hours Day — Day eight hours — is the official name of the holiday.

If you look closely, you can see the numbers — 888 — on many buildings in Australia. These figures have emerged as a sign of support for the British socialist Robert Owen, who sincerely believed that people need 8 hours for work, eight for recreation and entertainment and 8 hours of sleep. This philosophy helped propel the movement and 8:00.

April 21, 1856 kamenschiki construction projects and working in Melbourne stopped work and marched from the University of Melbourne to Parliament House, standing up for the 8-hour working day. Their action was successful, and the residents of the city are the first organized workers in the world have achieved the transition to an 8-hour working day without loss of pay. This, of course, inspired others and, ultimately, led to the celebration of Labor Day (Labour Day) and May Day (May Day).

It is worth mentioning that the first working day lasted much longer — 10 to 12:00 six days a week. At the time, as changes concerning the length of the working day has been made in the late 1850s, the shift to a five day work week took almost another century. The turning point was the only ... 1948.

Most of the world celebrates {holiday-Labor Day} 601 {/ holiday} May 1.

In Australia, the holiday is tied to different dates in different states of the country. In Western Australia — it's the first Monday of March in Victoria and Tasmania — the second Monday in March. In Queensland and the Northern Territory — the first Monday in May. For Capital Territory (ie Canberra), New South Wales and South Australia's Labor Day — the first Monday in October. And all because of the different states to work for 8 hours a day came at different times.

Labor Day Australians relax or participate in parades, thinking about all the achievements made by the trade unions for the workers and for the workers.