International Day of the Midwife

Today celebrate their professional holiday, people, thanks to the caring hands that Many of us were born. For more than two decades in a row May 5 is the International Day of Midwives (International Midwives' Day).

The idea of ??the holiday offered by the International Association of Midwives conference in the Netherlands in 1987. An official holiday on this day purchased only in 1992. Today it is celebrated in more than 50 countries, including Russia.

The main purpose of the holiday — to inform the public about the importance of midwives. The importance of this trade is difficult to overestimate, because it is from the midwife, from her experience, knowledge and skills are often dependent on the life and health of the mother and child.

Midwives help women become mothers, accompanying them from the moment of admission to the hospital before the official statement. They draw up the documents are located next to the future mother before, during and just after childbirth, mothers have the necessary medical assistance and moral support.

In addition to the high professionalism of midwives should also possess qualities such as responsibility, kindness, tenderness and compassion. Briefly and clearly set out their role in the quatrain:

«And there is no finer profession
on all five continents,
When is all of humanity
midwives have on hand!"

International Day of the Midwife — a good reason for each representative of the profession to meet with colleagues, make new connections and expand their knowledge.

As part of the shares held in this day around the world, midwives are organizing marches and set up the tents in public places where free consultations and provide all interested persons information regarding their activities. They also organize meetings, seminars and conferences, share their experiences and talk about the new developments in our industry, reward the individual members of the profession or whole teams of midwives.

In countries where midwifery is well developed, are raising money to help colleagues abroad (for example, the funds go towards the purchase of bicycles for midwives working in remote areas, to sponsor visits of important events for midwives and so on ). Some midwives are just getting together to socialize in an informal atmosphere and relax in the company of colleagues.

According to the decision of the International Confederation of Midwives Midwives all the days until the year 2015 will be held under the motto: "The world is so much in need of midwives, did not need much more than ever."