Day cypher

In the beginning was the Word ... Then there was a lot of words. And pretty soon people realized that the words have to hide. Thus began the birth of cryptography. Translated from the Greek "cryptography" means "secret writing."

But even before the introduction of this concept into practice people use the concealment of information using the available methods of his time. For example, during the reign of the dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs used a rather peculiar method of transmitting secret messages. As the media chosen servant, or rather his head. His head was shaved bald and water-resistant vegetable based ink applied to the message. When the hair grows back, he was sent to the recipient.

After the slave media get to the destination, the hair is shaved off again and read the printing. For the convenience of pre-treatment head removed from his shoulders. The main disadvantages of this method is the weak efficiency messaging and much uncertainty. Indeed, in the course of travel media messages may have been killed, could ill finally could just run away.

Modern information technology requires modern methods of protection (Photo: Ilin Sergey, Shutterstock) A new impetus in the development of encryption case was given in connection with the introduction of the telegraph wire and the invention of radio. The data transfer speed has increased immeasurably, and increasing amounts of it were subject to interception and reading.

Today Cryptographic Service of Russia celebrates his feast. According to the report released by DSP FSB, a service created by the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR of May 5 in 1921, provides with encryption (cryptographic) means the protection of information in the telecom and special services in the Russian Federation and its institutions abroad, including in systems using modern information technology.