International Day for the rights of disabled

5 May global community celebrates the International Day for the rights of the disabled.

No category of citizens should not be overlooked power. Regardless of nationality, religion, wealth, health.

In Russia almost always say — people with disabilities. In the West — people with disabilities. In fact — the same thing, but, according to the fighters for the rights of persons with disabilities, persons with disabilities Russia — one of the categories of vulnerable populations.

For example, in the Kama area home to nearly 227 and a half thousand people with disabilities, including — 9843 children. One in five has a pension below the minimum subsistence level. Many of them need constant home care and expensive medications.

In Russia according to the latest official statistics, the number of disabled people is approaching 13 million. Become disabled each year more than 700 thousand people.

Recall that International Day of Disabled celebrated annually December 3.