Youth Day in China

Day 4 May was initially declared the Day of Chinese youth in the border area of ??Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia on the initiative of the youth organizations in the area. At the time, the Kuomintang, under the pressure of the patriotic movement of the broad masses of young people, too, agreed with that decision.

In the future, the Kuomintang, fearing the growth of revolutionary fervor of youth, held that such a dangerous decision and moved Youth Day on 29 March (Memorial Day heroes of the Revolution, who died in 1911 and buried in the suburbs of Canton — Huanhuagane). However, in the revolutionary base areas, led by the Communist Party of China remained Youth Day on May 4.

After the establishment of the People's Republic State Administrative Board of the Central People's Government in December 1949, officially announced on May 4th Day of Chinese youth.

China Youth Day is celebrated as a revolutionary another date — the anniversary the beginning of the patriotic movement "on May 4." This is a normal working day, notable mainly the advent of feature articles in newspapers and organizing a rally in support of the youth policy of the Communist Party of China in Tiananmen Square at the monument to the People's Heroes.