Day of the Constitution of Japan

Constitution Day is celebrated in Japan since 1948, starting with the the first anniversary of the adoption of the new Constitution. The Constitution of 1947, although it has inherited some of the provisions of the Constitution of the Meiji, wore a brand new character that was defined by the current situation in the country.

defeated in World War II, American troops occupied Japan was forced to accept the demands of the allies to democratize the political system. The main provisions of the new law, the state became the recognition of the sovereignty of the people, basic human rights, the principles of separation of powers and the local government.

Thus, Japan has received legal basis for the development as a country with a parliamentary democracy. The new definition won the role of the emperor, had lost unlimited powers and became a "symbol of the stateĀ». The Constitution of 1947 proclaimed the renunciation of war (Article 9) as a sovereign right of the nation in the resolution of international disputes, which basically makes it different from the constitutions of other countries.

The text of the post-war constitution was prepared by lawyers from the headquarters of the U.S. occupation forces from the taking into account the views of Japanese lawyers and politicians. To some extent, this is predetermined by the fact that from time to time in the political circles of the country heard demands to revise the Constitution and give it the "old-established national" character.