Celebration of the Constitution of May 3 in Poland

First Polish Constitution of the oldest in Europe. It was adopted May 3 in 1791, six months ahead of the French.

According to the Constitution, Poland declares the country under the control of a hereditary constitutional monarchy and parliament, which was elected for two years. A year later, after the division of the territory between Prussia, Russia and Austria, Poland lost its independence, but in 1918 the country was reunited, and 3 May was declared a public holiday. Alas, all for a period of just over two decades, until the next seizure and division of Poland.

The socialist government of Poland did not welcome this holiday, but patriotic Poles continued to celebrate Constitution Day in socialism, albeit unofficially. In 1990, the Feast of the Constitution of May 3 was restored and officially declared a public holiday.

become an integral part of the holiday thanksgiving passing in Catholic cathedrals across the country. It takes a visit to the memorials, organized concerts in the theater and concert halls and outdoor areas.