Day of the Sun

Sun — the closest star to Earth, all the others are from We immeasurably more. For example, the nearest star Proxima Centauri, the latter component of the system is located at a distance of 4.22 light years from the Sun.

Sun to the Earth — a powerful source of cosmic energy. It gives light and heat necessary for plant and animal life, and forms the most important properties of the Earth's atmosphere.

In general, the sun determines the ecology of the planet. Without it, there would be no air for life — the air would turn into liquid nitrogen ocean waters around the missed first trimester and icy land. For us, earthlings, the most important feature of the sun that occurred near our planet, and life appeared on it.

Sun — our star
The sun, the wind, the waves and biomass energy are the raw material that constantly surrounds us and is easy to use. It is not necessary to extract from the ground. It does not generate radioactive waste, and does not produce toxic. This renewable energy.

To draw attention to the possibilities of using renewable sources of energy The European branch of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) (ISES-Europe), since 1994, on a voluntary basis, organizes an annual Day of the Sun.

enthusiasts and professionals, community organizations and businesses across Europe are organizing various activities related to the demonstration of solar power.