Whisky Festival in the UK

One of the famous festivals of Scotland is in Speyside Whisky Festival ( Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival). Each country has its own national product, its national pride. The Scots are proud of their whiskey. With the onset of spring, in Scotland it is time to start festivals and celebrations devoted to the whiskey. The first kicks off The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival. Followed by the Feis Ile — a festival of Malt and Music. And so on until September, when the latter begins — Autumn Speyside Whisky Festival.

Speyside — a place where the highest density of viskokuren in the world. Factories that produce the famous drink there more than 100. There are the most famous distillery — Glenfiddich, Glen Grant, Strathisla ...

Once a year, ordinary people can visit the factories most prestigious whiskey producers (Photo: Jaime Pharr, Shutterstock) Once a year, ordinary people can visit the factories most prestigious producers of whiskey. In normal times, plants do not allow outsiders into their shop. The main and most attractive part of the festival is tasting the many varieties and varieties of flavored drinks, including under the guidance of experts. During the festival you can taste the most rare and aged whiskeys.

During the festival, there are meetings with collectors, who can share their experiences, dance programs with national bias. There are historical digressions, telling about the processes, the evolution of the design of bottles and labels. Organized visits to the museum garages factories, where all the samples of the original truck that delivered the desired products to consumers. Those participants in whom the whiskey starts to wake seething blood of ancestors — are invited to participate in the Scottish sports: throwing logs or hammer.

The festival, honors local elixir of life, fun contests, receptions and dinners in the distillery, the Scottish party with music and dancing, special menus in restaurants, various competitions, fashion shows kilt (Scottish skirts) , visiting the museum Whiskey and competition for the most rapid construction barrels, exhibition and evening of Scottish folk music.

In the world there are many varieties of whiskey, but now — Scottish (Photo: Maksym Gorpenyuk, Shutterstock) In the world there are many varieties of whiskey drink American bourbon, Irish pure pot still, but it is assumed that this whiskey — Scotch malt whiskey malt.

drink history can be traced to the 12th century. The authorship of all the temples of the world is attributed to St. Patrick, an Irish monk, a Scot by birth. In the scrolls of Scotland Treasury, relating to 1494, was found entry: "Get eight Bollen malt brother John Carr to make aquavit" — an amount of malt would have been enough to produce about 1,500 bottles of modern whiskey! This date is considered to be almost the official date of birth of Scotch whiskey, for the Latin «aqua vitae» — «water of life" — as recorded by Celtic uisge beatha (in Ireland — uisce beatha). Pronounce the two-syllable words were obviously lazy. Gradually from two words have only uisge, which transformed into uiskie, and then — in whisky.

quality whiskey made up of dozens of factors. The malt is dried in the smoke of burning peat to coal. Of great importance is the case of peat extraction. Aberdeen coal gives a very different flavor than coal Skye.

The main and most attractive part of the festival is the tasting ... (Photo: Shutterstock) The malt is mixed with water to form a mash. The wort is fermented, distilled brewed beer and alcohol solution is obtained. The solution was aged in oak barrels. The quality of the whiskey depends on the species of oak, of its growth. The finest varieties are cast in a barrel of sherry imported from the Iberian peninsula.

The UK government has taken care to give a definition of this drink. In 1988, the Law on Scottish whiskey. Scotch whiskey is about a quarter of exports of Albion.

While everyone is free to drink your favorite whiskey as he pleases, however, in order to properly assess and strengthen beverage tasting experience, you need to follow certain rules when choosing a glass of wine and whiskey.