Rochester sweeps festival

grimy, but never losing heart a man with a ladder, with ropes panicles and fun looks around the city with a slate roof — that remains in the memory image of the chimney sweep from children's fairy tales.

In ancient times, some craft chimney sweep shrouded mystery. There were legends about the rich gentlemen, who have lost their children, and after years of inconsolable grief found them among chimney sweeps. Stories aura of mystery surrounded the chimney. No one (except their owners) do not dare mistreat chimney sweeps: it is not known who he was — and it turns the son of some peer or noble lord? Many of those who believe in miracles, have come to believe that cleaning the chimney — a sort of ordeal, after which sooner or later the chimney sweeps of noble birth regain his title and rank, and therefore the craft chimney was made to treat with respect. With the development of technology has decreased the need for a chimney sweep.

In England, now about 600 sweeps. Although modern heating systems dispense with the people of this profession, in old houses with fireplaces and stoves have enough pipes need to be cleaned. Besides, according to popular belief, a meeting with a chimney sweep brings happiness, and their often invited to the wedding.

On 1 May Festival in England have a chimney Rochester. On this day, a colorful procession with dancing. The head of the procession, "my lord." This is followed by a procession with the "Jack-in-the-Green" — a boy dressed green leaves and branches in front of him somersault and excrete different things teenagers dressed clowns, and behind them march lords and ladies. Procession closes the "my lady", which collects "treasury". Jack-in-the-embodies the spirit of spring greenery and forests, venerated during these traditional rites of spring.