Labor Day ( Labor Day )

May 1 1886 American workers went on strike, putting forward a demand an 8-hour workday. The strike and the accompanying demonstration ended in violent clashes with the police.

In July 1889 II International Congress of Paris in memory of the speech, the workers of Chicago decided to hold the annual May 1 demonstrations. First day of international solidarity of workers was recorded in 1890 in Austria- Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, France, Norway, Sweden and some other countries.

For a long time, May Day has been a symbol of the revolution, the irreconcilable class struggle. Today, this festival is celebrated in 142 countries and territories on May 1 or the first Monday in May. In some countries, Labor Day is celebrated at a different time — these include, for example, the U.S. and Japan. More than 80 countries ( including India) Labor Day is not celebrated.