Birthday Queen of the Netherlands

30 April is considered the main holiday of the Netherlands. Someone who gets in the Netherlands, have been struck by the popularity of the Dutch sober them buttoned queen. Despite the fact that Beatrix — one of the most closed to the press monarch in Europe, her portraits at every step. Beatrix has ruled the country for more than thirty years, and its influence on the political life of the country is huge. Cousin Beatrix, Queen of the United Kingdom, can only envy such people's love.

In 2010, 120 years of continuous residence in the Dutch royal throne Dame. This "tradition" is, however, worth the Netherlands Crown Duchy of Luxembourg, where, by law, succession to the throne through the female line is impossible. Its royal family appeared only in the Netherlands in 1815. Three of William replaced the Dutch throne until 1890. And then it was the turn of women. After a widowed mother-regent Emma Wilhelmina came to the throne, on the half-century of rule which occurred two world wars. In 1948, she gave way to her daughter Juliana, who agreed to recognize the independence of Indonesia and Suriname and later abdicated in favor of Beatrix.

April 30 — the birthday of Juliana and Beatrix did not, who was born on January 31. In 32 years of the reign of Queen Juliana Dutch are used to celebrate her birthday on April 30, and when her daughter became Queen Beatrix, it did not change the date of the holiday. In addition, Juliana abdicated the throne to his birthday, and Beatrix came to the throne of April 30, 1980. Thus, the Queen's Birthday has been celebrated annually on April 30, regardless of the date of birth of the ruling queen, but as a rule, the celebration carried on the last Saturday of the month.

Each resident stashed orange outfit — the colors of the Royal House of Orange-Nassau (Photo: Sandra van der Steen, Shutterstock) Queen's Birthday (Konninginnedag) — April 30 — a real national holiday, liked everything. This date has become a national holiday, and every inhabitant of it stashed orange outfit — the colors of the Royal House of Orange-Nassau. Ribbons, garlands, balloons and flags that adorn the streets, entirely too orange. Special demand inflatable crown, which, of course, orange. Everywhere waving national flags are hung portraits of the queen.

The holiday begins the night before with the "royal night." It is best that night to be in The Hague, where the palace of the queen. There goes big music festival that begins at half past six in the evening and lasts until morning. The entire center of the city made to mobile rides, arcade games, carousels, Estrada. At each corner of the installed kiosks selling salted herring — a favorite national dish Dutch. The main difference between "Royal Nights" is an abundance of loud fun music.

Across the country staged lavish celebrations, and first of all, of course, in the capital of the Netherlands — Amsterdam. Day and night fun capital of the Netherlands on April 30. In the streets and squares are crowded, the rides too. Under the evening sky brighten fireworks.

ribbons, garlands, balloons and flags decorating the streets, too, entirely orange (Photo: Sander van der Werf, Shutterstock) From 9 am stopped traffic in downtown. All of Amsterdam is involved in the carnival. All sorts of concerts and folk dances are open to the public. The festive atmosphere, endless fun, especially in the Vondel Park (Vondelpark). The most fun place — Dam Square in front of the royal palace. There's a whole day of singing and dancing — and young people in mind-blowing outfits and old men in traditional clothing. All are treated to free national delicacy — herring. Police allowed to interfere in what is happening, so festivities knows no bounds, and in the evening a group of people wandering round tipsy, and trams can not pass through the crowd. Of the vehicles remain a barge filled to capacity.

On the same day in the Netherlands goes Fraymarket ("free market"). By special decree of the Dutch Queen on April 30 all the shops are allowed to sell goods without VAT. So whatever the last day of April, you can buy up to 30% cheaper. Every year on April 30 in the Netherlands are costumed fair. In Amsterdam, and so constantly operates twelve markets — unique books, national antique furniture, flowers, cheese, fish and others.

But only Fraymarket Revenue Service does not take an interest, and whether you have the right to sell pancakes, herring or kitchen utensils. From early morning on April 30 on the streets, the canals, wall duct tape pad — "bizets" ("busy"). And we may be sure: no one is no longer takes place. Children sell soft toys, teens — sports facilities, near parents — tulips or cheese.

In the Queen's birthday one of the main sights is the parade of colors. In the Netherlands, adore flowers. They grow in tiny pots, and in the vast fields. However, in this regard the Dutch rather peculiar gigantism. Flowers (and dairy products) are the basis of Dutch exports. The Netherlands, which accounted for 0.008% of the globe, are the third largest exporter of agricultural products. In the agricultural sector employs only 5% of the population.

Just in time for the holiday in the Netherlands bloom tulips ... (Photo: Yulya Shilova, Shutterstock) Just in time for the holiday in the Netherlands tulips bloom. Velvety, with double-edged, elongated narrow like a champagne glasses, or, conversely, the huge and lopuhastye as poppies, they remain forever in the memory. For a year the Dutch grow flowers for the giant flower shapes that are involved in the floral parade. With great enthusiasm parade participants prepare costumes, pick up music. Everything should be ready by the end of April. The road from the town of Aalsmeer, where the parade begins, to Amsterdam is dotted with people. Everyone in the hands of bouquets, wreaths, garlands and even flower pots.

The first parade was held April, when the subjects of the Queen Juliana congratulated on his coronation. Since then, the holiday preparations, which has become an annual event, is involved 10,000 people and 100 million colors. After the holiday, even for a week in early May across the country held flower parades.