International (World ) Dance Day

International (World) Dance Day (International (World) Dance Day) is celebrated since 1982 by UNESCO on the birthday of the French choreographer Jean-Georges Novera (Jean-Georges Noverre), reformer and theorist choreography, which went down in history as the "father of modern ballet».

Jean-Georges Noverre (April 29 1727 — October 19 in 1810) — the French choreographer, ballet master student L.Dyupre. He has performed as a dancer and ballet company headed in the theater "Drury Lane" in London.

Photo: Yuri Arcurs, ShutterstockNover developed principles of the heroic ballet and ballet-tragedy. In 1759 he published his famous work "Letters on dancing and ballets," where Nover substantiated the principles of ballet, plays, impersonated effective means of mime and dance in collaboration composer, choreographer and artist.

On this day, all dancing the world will celebrate their professional holiday — the theater of opera and ballet, modern dance troupes, bands of modern ballroom and folk dance, and others, both professional and amateur artists.