World Day of Tai Chi and Qigong

can say that the World Day of Tai Chi and Qigong (World Tai Chi and Qigong Day) has become a truly worldwide in 1999. However, the first public display, which served as inspiration for the development of global events took place in 1998 in Kansas City Missouri.

On this first show, hosted by the Club Tai Chi Kansas City and held in the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art (Nelson Atkins Museum of Art), gathered about two hundred people.

Since then, demonstrations are held annually in 60 countries on the last Saturday of April. Begins this global event in the country the earliest time zone — New Zealand — at 10 o'clock in the morning. Then to New Zealanders gradually joined by residents of Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America — some hundreds of cities involved in the movement of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Ends World Day of Tai Chi and Qigong in the late Time zone — in Hawaii — nearly a day behind the New Zealand.

On this day, a lot of people are getting involved in movement of Tai Chi and Qi Gong (Photo: Lipik, Shutterstock) Basic Complex Tai Chi and Qi Gong displays in their movements concept formation of the universe, the birth of matter with its division into two components of Yin and Yang and the emergence of the movement of qi in the universe.

As already established tradition, on this day, people involved in Tai Chi and Qigong, spend not only the massive demonstration lessons, but also free classes teaching the public to join the philosophy of Tai Chi and Qigong, and a healthy lifestyle.

founders of the World Day of Tai Chi and Qigong Bill Douglas (Bill Douglas) and Angela Wong-Douglas (Angela Wong-Douglas) annually take part in the central events of the Day.