Arbor Day Celebration (Day Arborist )

One of the first organizers of the Festival Arbor — Arbor Day in the United States consider D.Sterling Morton, administrator of Nebraska in the northern U.S., later served as Minister of Agriculture. It is said that he took over and developed the custom of the tribe of Aztecs, planted trees on the day of the birth of their children.

In 1874, the first day of the forest, at the initiative of D.Sterling Morton in Nebraska was planted over 12 million trees. After two decades, there has grown 350 million seedlings.

Then Arbor festival has spread to the neighboring states of Iowa, Kansas, Michigan and Ohio, and after a while engulfed the entire country.

Among schoolchildren was organized by the Union of obereganiya trees. For public schools began to organize spring holidays, at first on different days, and then stopped on the last Friday of April.

for the holiday Arbor connect children's organizations, the New York Society of kindergartens and houseplants. Its leaders handed out to children at Forest Day seedlings of flowers, and then in the autumn reward those who grow the best flower.

Purpose of the holiday — promoting tree planting, afforestation areas and decorating their homes. If you planted a tree, then you have marked the day.

By the early 20th century, Forest Day was actively pursued in other countries: Germany, India, China, Korea, Yugoslavia and others.

Oak — U.S. national tree (Photo: Mario Savoia, Shutterstock) To this day, this holiday is one point on the last Friday of April, others — like Earth Day — April 22, the birthday of J. Morton.

Interesting fact: The Fund arbor day spent on the Internet in America poll on whether the tree should be recognized as national. For the competition were exhibited trees already declared "state" in various states of the country, and they have nearly all 50 states.

contest won oak — a symbol of the six states and the District of Columbia, where the capital is located Washington.