Memorial Day Mark the Evangelist

St. Mark the Evangelist (St. Mark), now glorified , one of the 70 apostles, was a Jew.

St. Peter the Apostle in one of his letters (1 Pet. 5, 3) calls his son, Mark, from which one can conclude that Mark was a disciple of Peter. He was sent to preach the gospel of Mark in different cities and countries.

Last apostolic deeds belonged to Mark of Alexandria, where he was martyred.

Not far from the beach, Mark built the first Christian church. Egyptians fear the multiplication of Christians have decided to kill the evangelist. They chose for this villainy holiday pagan god Serapis. In this very day, 24 April, had the Resurrection of Christ, and even on the eve of St. Mark exhorted the people not to participate in a sinful, pagan celebration.

Gentiles entered the church during the service, brought out of the saint and, having tied his neck with a rope, with shouts and blows dragged through the streets.

Holy Blood Gretsiyu sharp stones of the pavement, but he never ceased to pray and say, "I thank Thee, O my Savior, that you allowed me to endure suffering for the sake of Thee."

By evening, the Apostle was put in prison. At night an angel appeared to him and said that his name will be inscribed in the book of life with the names of the other apostles, and his memory will remain on the ground. The Savior was then St. Mark and said, "Peace be with you, my evangelist!ยป.

The next day, the torment resumed. St. Mark did not cease to pray, and finally pronouncing the words: "in the hands I commit my spirit" — went to the Lord.

Apostle Mark is traditionally depicted with a lion, because his gospel begins with the preaching of the holy John the Baptist, like the voice of a lion in the desert.